How Logs and Unusual Containers Can Help You Create a Unique Landscape Design

Planning a landscape design that is different than all the others in your neighborhood can be a lot of fun, especially when you think outside of the box. Truly unique landscape designs are not in line with traditional, ordinary appearances and provide you with a way to show off your out-of-the-ordinary personality and tastes. Check out these tips for using logs and odd containers for enhancing your landscape design and giving it your personal touch.

The Lawn and Garden You Get Excited About

When you look forward to sitting out at your picnic table simply because you enjoy your landscape, you can safely bet it speaks to your personality. If your landscape is boring and uneventful, you may have less interest in sitting at your picnic table. Creating a design you can enjoy is the best reason to step outside of the box when making plans for things like flowering plants and borders. When it comes to flowering plants and borders, check out these tips for making them stand out in your landscape:

Vertical log borders: Logs are used in many types of landscapes, but how you use them can make a huge difference in how they stand out as a unique addition to your design. Instead of lining up logs horizontally around your flower beds, you can stack them side by side vertically to create a more dramatic effect. Also, when you stack logs to make a flowerbed, you are essentially creating a container that will need to be filled with soil, so you will have the opportunity to plant your flowers in nutrient-rich potting soils. Traditional flowerbeds can be tough to dig up if the area you live in has a lot of clay, and if there is a lot of sand, you are limited in the kinds of flowers you can plant.

Colorful containers: Lining a walkway with planters can look great, but if you line a walkway with colorful, bright containers, you produce a much greater effect than if you used plain clay pots or simple wooden planters. Using various sizes of planters can enhance the decorative look you are trying to achieve. For example, lining a walkway with medium-sized yellow planters will look great if the walkway opens into a circular area with a large yellow planter in the center. Using your favorite colors for planters can be good way to personalize your landscape and garden.

Your landscape and garden needs to be a place you look forward to at the end of a long day and a place you can always find peaceful relaxation. By designing your landscape using a unique design, you may find your yard to be the place you want to be more than any other.