6 Practical Gift Ideas For The Nursery Gardener

Are you are looking for gift ideas for someone who operates a nursery garden? If so, there are many unique and practical items to be found that are ideal for the gardener or nursery owner. Everything from gardening shoes to whimsical watering cans make a thoughtful gift. For your inspiration, here are fun and useful gift ideas for your friend or loved one with the green thumb:

1. Gardening Clogs

You'll find this functional footwear is available in men's and women's styles and sizes. Garden clogs are slip on shoes that are especially made for working in the garden. They are rugged and keep the feet dry and free of mud. Basically, the garden clog shoes are made of a very pliable rubber-like material, which do not compress and are easy to clean off. Many dealers offer these in a variety of colors, such as black, gray, brown, red, and yellow. The nursery gardener in your life should appreciate this thoughtful gift.

2. A Tomato Ladder or Tower

For holding vines of tomatoes, tomato ladders are ideal for large crops in a nursery. If you'd like an expansion set, choose several stacking ladders. Alternatively, you might choose something called tomato cages for keeping plants in an upright position and free of dirt. Look for tomato ladders that have a weatherproof powdered coating.

3. Herb Rack Dryer

Does your nursery gardener friend enjoy drying fresh herbs for cooking and fresh salads? If so, the herb drying rack makes an ideal gift. Look for a rack that includes the hardware for attaching to the ceiling. The rack should also include several hooks to hang the herbs on. This gift is decorative yet serves a necessary purpose. In addition to drying fresh herbs, you may also use the rack for holding flowers, peppers, and garlic.

4. Small Hanging Terrarium

This glass structure may be hung anywhere in the nursery to display small flowers or plants. Made with clear glass panes and metal or copper trim, a hanging terrarium makes a thoughtful gift. One side of the unit will be open to allow access to the contents inside. The hanging terrarium should include mounting hardware. If you prefer, you may alternatively choose a tabletop terrarium.

5. Gardener's Tool Belt

Every nursery owner and gardener should have one of these handy accessories. The belt may be constructed of nylon, canvas, or mesh. It should have pockets for holding gardening tools such as pruning sheers and trowels, and it will be adjustable. Choose a gardening belt that is machine washable.

6. Whimsical Watering Can Made From Galvanized Steel

The galvanized steel will protect the watering can from rust and corrosion. These are often found in a variety of whimsical designs, or you may choose a solid steel color if you'd prefer. A gardener who operates a nursery will appreciate a watering can, as this is one tool that is essential.  

For more ideas and equipment options, visit a local garden store, like The Flower Ranch.