4 Things You Can Do When Working With A Stone Supplier

Landscaping involves tailoring the outdoor area of your property to your specifications in order to beautify it. Plants are often a key component of landscaping, but they aren't the only factor. Stone is also a valuable landscaping component. Most landscape designs feature stones as retaining walls, decorative walls, or garden paths. Stone is beautiful and durable. Unlike wood, it will never rot, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. When you're ready to improve your backyard landscaping, you'll want to find a stone supplier to give you the materials you need. Here are four things you can do.

1. Select your own stones.

If you only need a few stones in order to create a garden path or for a similar application, most stone suppliers will give you the option to select your stones by hand. This is particularly useful if you need stones of a particular shape for your landscaping design. If you're unable to visit the stone supplier's store in person, you may be able to ask for what you want and allow a worker to assist you. When you purchase stones individually, you will usually be charged by weight.

2. Order stones in bulk.

If you're building a wall or need a large number of stones for any other reason, you'll probably want to purchase your stones in bulk. While you won't be able to hand-select your stones, you can rest assured that the stone supplier will give you high-quality materials that will serve your needs well. When you order stones in bulk, you'll typically pay for them by the pallet or half pallet. Some suppliers offer a discount when you purchase a certain amount of stone at one time, which means you may want to hold your order until you need a certain amount of stone products.

3. Select the colors you desire.

Flagstone is sourced from beneath the ground, which means it's a natural stone with natural variation in appearance and color. When you purchase flagstone from a stone supplier, you'll be able to choose colors that match your overall vision. Blue, tan, and red are the predominant colors, but each stone is unique and there can be patterns and color mixes that make each stone individually beautiful.

4. Have your stone delivered.

Especially if you're ordering a large amount of stone, you probably don't have the resources to move it on your own. Fortunately, most stone suppliers offer delivery services. They can use a heavy-duty truck to move stones right to your home, where they can be utilized by contractors. Be sure to choose a stone supplier with a delivery option.