3 Tips For Fertilizing Your Lawn

A lush beautiful lawn is a wonderful asset-- it is a great place for pets and children to play outdoors, and thick green grass is also visually appealing and can add value to your home. However, you can't simply lay sod of plant grass from seed and expect a fantastic lawn to grow and thrive on its own. Maintaining a lawn takes some time and effort, but it is well worth it when your grass looks its best year round. One of the keys to keeping your lawn in good health is to make sure that you fertilize it as needed. Fertilizing your lawn plays a very important role in ensuring that your grass gets the vital minerals and nutrients it needs. Use the following tips for fertilizing your lawn:

Understand When to Fertilize

Your grass does not need to be fertilized every month or even every few months. In most cases, grass only needs to be deeply fertilized with a high quality fertilizer once or twice a year. One of the keys to ensuring that your lawn reaps the benefits of fertilizing is by ensuring that you apply the fertilizer at the right time. The time of year that you fertilize your lawn will depend on the type of grass you have. There are many different species of grass, but they are typically classified as either warm season grasses or cold season grasses. It is often recommended to fertilize warm season grasses in the late spring or summer, while cold season grasses are usually fertilized in the fall.

Increase Watering Before Fertilizing

A few days before you plan on fertilizing your lawn, make sure that you increase the amount of water you are providing in order to prepare the grass and soil for the fertilizer. Before you apply the fertilizer, it is important for the blades of grass to be dry. After the fertilizer is applied, lightly water your lawn again to ensure that the fertilizer sticking on the blades of grass washes down into the soil to provide nutrients to the root system.

Don't Clean Up Your Grass Clippings

While you will most likely only need to purchase a quality fertilizer to apply to your lawn annually, you can help naturally fertilize it year round by not cleaning up your grass clippings after mowing. Instead of attaching a bag to your lawn mower, install a mulching blade and allow the clippings to remain on the lawn. As the lawn clippings decompose, they will provide important nutrients and minerals to help your grass stay healthy.

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