3 Reasons to Include Black Landscaping Mulch in Your Garden Plan

The best garden plans are built around ideas and strategies that will solve a problem and improve the experience that the gardener enjoys from their work. For many gardeners today, products that can benefit both the plant and the gardener make it possible to more easily fit this activity into busy schedules. If you enjoy gardening and are wondering what product would help you enjoy it more, this information about black plastic mulch is a good example for you to consider. 

Reduces labor and improves plant nutrition

The first advantage of using black plastic mulch in your vegetable, herb, or flower garden is that you can install it in the spring before you begin planting. When black plastic is laid down on freshly prepared garden soil, the gardener has the option of making openings to plant both seeds and seedlings through the plastic. 

By doing this, the plants that you want to grow in your garden can flourish, while any weeds or grasses that would normally sprout around them cannot. In addition to eliminating much of the labor of weeding throughout the growing season, your plants will no longer have to share soil nutrients with greedy weeds and grasses. 

Saves on the water bill and the gardener's time

Because of the impermeable nature of black plastic mulch, the evaporation process is slowed and the need for additional watering is reduced. This can create substantial cost savings for gardeners who must purchase their water from a municipal or public water supply. In addition to saving money, using black plastic mulch to reduce the need for watering means your garden can continue to flourish during periods when you are on vacation or when you are just too busy to water it. 

Helps to warm the soil and jump-start the growing season

Another reason to consider the use of black plastic mulch is to add much needed time and warmth to cool climate gardens. The black plastic mulch absorbs the heat from the sun and transfers the warmth to the soil below, providing a better growing environment for seeds and the tender root systems of seedlings. By increasing the soil temperature, gardeners in cooler climates may be able to plant earlier and enjoy a longer growing season. 

Later in the season, the additional heat that is absorbed by the black plastic mulch will also help to mature tomatoes and other vegetables so that they ripen earlier and more evenly. To learn more about the benefits of using black landscaping mulch in your garden this year, take time to visit a  garden equipment and supply center in your area.