4 Planning Steps Before Laying A Limestone Walkway

Limestone is a good material for your walkway. It's an attractive stone that comes in warm shades with subtle gradients of color. It's a durable and adaptable material, so you can lay any kind of pathway, from a casual gravel to formal, grouted walkway. What's more, even the cut stones are non-slip surfaces, which makes the material ideal for walking on.

Before you call for your limestone delivery, read the following planning steps for laying your limestone pathway.

1. Decide on the Path's Route

As the old adage says, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If the goal of your walkway is simply to get you between the two points and you don't have any impediments in the yard, a straight walkway works well.

However, adding some curves into your walkway can serve its own purpose, too. For one, you'll have more of a pathway for walking, which can keep you off the grass. For another, it allows you to navigate to attractive areas in the yard. You can also use a curving path as a design feature in your landscaping plan. Map out the walkway ahead of time.

2. Choose a Pathway Style

Next, you need to narrow down what style of walkway you want. Below are some of the options:

  • Spaced-out stepping stones
  • Gravel path
  • Stepping stones laid without mortar
  • Mortared stepping stones

Look at pictures to see what kinds of paths appeal to you. If you're doing the work yourself, be honest about your ability to lay and mortar stone.

3. Settle on a Walkway Border

In addition to the laying type, you must decide if you want border stones. Except for the spaced stepping stones, most of the above walkways will feature a border to keep the distinction of the walkway clear. Borders can be stone, brick, metal, or wood. The walkway style will help you decide what kind of border you want. It can be decorative or purely functional.

4. Calculate How Much Stone You Need

Once you have the route laid out, it's time to calculate how much stone you need. If you want to order gravel, The Spruce recommends using an equation. First, measure the dimensions of the walkway to get its length, width, and height. Multiply those numbers and divide by 27, which will give you the cubic yards of crushed limestone you need.

You still need those measurements for stepping stones. However, you may need to use a materials calculator for the size of the stones you want.

Once you have your plan in place, it's time to schedule your limestone delivery.