Recommendations To Help You Plan And Install Your Backyard Fire Pit

One of the few features you can install in your backyard that you can enjoy all year is a fire pit. Alongside a hot tub or sauna, a fire pit will keep you warm on winter days or cool summer evenings and you can use the fire pit for cooking meals or just as a relaxing focal point. Here are some useful tips to help you install and build a backyard fire pit for outdoor enjoyment and entertaining all year long.

Choose A Good Location

Whether or not you are working with a contractor to install your outdoor fire pit, you do need to choose a good and safe location for its position in your yard. Most fire pits are installed into the ground and are not mobile, so you need to consider this detail before building it. A professional contractor can recommend some good locations in your yard for your fire pit. 

As you contemplate a fire pit location, look at some of the surrounding landscape when you make your decision. Watch for overhanging vegetation, such as a tree or large bushes as these can catch fire if they are above the fire pit. You also don't want to place your fire pit within proximity to a wood fence, garage, shed, or other outdoor structure for the same reason. Additionally, you don't want power lines hanging above your fire pit location.

Select The Center Ring

The central fire pit ring is a main component of its structure and you need to decide on the ring's size in relation to how large you want your fire pit to be. A standard size for a fire pit ring is a couple feet in diameter, which provides space enough for several people to gather around the ring. However, you can opt for a larger fire pit ring to give your backyard an ultimate fire pit experience where you can build large bonfires in your fire pit.

The center fire pit ring needs to be made of a fireproof metal so it can withstand high temperatures from the fire that will be burning directly inside the ring. As such, the ring needs to be made of steel, similar to the fire pit rings you can find at many parks and outdoor campsites.

Look For Liner Materials

The interior of the fire pit needs to be filled with a lining material and cannot just be plain dirt from your yard. Soil will become muddy during wet weather and does not promote the fire resistance you need for your fire pit. Line the interior with a few inches of lava rock or other fire-rated material.

Contact an outdoor fire pit installation contractor for more information.