Garden Lighting Solutions for the Nighttime Gardener

Working full-time during the day may limit the amount of time that you dedicate toward cultivating your garden. With the addition of garden lighting, you can weed, pick crops, and enjoy the unique beauty of landscaping features that encompass your yard.

Task Lighting

Strategically placing concentrated lighting throughout the garden will provide the illumination necessary to conduct weeding, pruning, or picking your crops. The main objective concerning the placement of task lighting is to provide bright light, without having background features interfering with visual perception.

Task lighting is most effective when the background contrasts with a beam of light. For instance, using a dark-colored barrier as a backdrop will minimize shadowing, and amplified lighting may be experienced if task lighting was installed next to another light source and an array of leafy foliage. Task lighting that is portable will allow you to move about your garden as desired and will minimize disruption to the land that comprises your garden.

Spotlights Or Floodlights

Spotlights or floodlights can be used to draw attention to crops, flowers, or decorative features. This type of lighting can also aid in making it safer for you to walk across your property at night. A spotlight will cast a narrow beam of light and a floodlight will cast a wider beam of light.

To determine garden lighting solutions that will work for the landscaping features on your property, decide how much illumination you prefer and the length and the width of the desired light beam. Aim spotlights or floodlights directly at the items being highlighted. To add minimal lighting, install the light fixtures and aim the lights close to the ground.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting will add a subtle glow to targeted parts on your property. This type of lighting includes LED strips, mounted light fixtures that are attached to the underside of a landscape feature, and light fixtures that lay flush with the ground. Round circular recessed lighting that is installed alongside a sidewalk or around the edges of the garden will project light upward.

Choose recessed lighting components that are waterproof. If you choose traditional lighting that requires the use of electricity, a garden lighting service will assist with anchoring the light components and laying out wiring that will ultimately be concealed. Wires that are buried underneath the property or that are tacked along a permanent surface will reduce the chances of tripping over wiring.