Use Natural Stones For Your Custom Gardening Project

Locally-sourced natural stones can be used to improve the aesthetics of your garden. Use the tips below to get started on a custom gardening project.

Garden Plants

First, assess the types of plants that will be filling the garden space. The expected maturity size of each plant, plus the color and texture of each variety, may influence the types of natural stones that you decide to install. Quartzite, limestone, flagstone, and granite are some beautiful stone products that will offset the physical properties of the plants.

If you are going to be planting items that will feature large leaves and blooms, you may want to choose a smaller stone size to add to the garden space. This will ensure that the stones do not overpower the natural beauty of the plants.

A Supplier's Product Line

Natural stones are desired due to their longevity and capability to blend in with a variety of organic materials. Review a supplier's product line. They may feature a range of unfinished and finished stone products.

Unfinished products are unrefined. They contain grooves, bumps, and other natural features. Unfinished stones are unique from one another.

Finished products may have been cut and polished during the manufacturing process. These steps provide natural stones with a definitive shape and texture. A highly-polished stone product may appear to have a glass-like surface.

Some stone products may feature a slab format. Flat natural stones can be used to create pathways that will support foot traffic.

Your Order

A local supplier that features natural stones may offer an online ordering setup. This type of setup allows you to view each product, plus learn about the weight and physical characteristics of each one.

When you are planning your gardening upgrades, use a measuring tape to conceptualize how much space you will need to fill with natural stones. Then, go to the supplier's webpage. Review the size and thickness of the stone varieties that you would like to add to the garden space. The measurements that you have taken will prevent you from over-ordering or under-ordering stones.

Your Delivery

If your order is going to be delivered directly to your home, prepare your garden in advance. Leave space within the garden for all of the seeds that you will be planting and the stone products that you will be adding. The prep work will guarantee that you are ready to install the stones as soon as they are delivered.

For more information, contact a local company, like Mid Valley Rock.