Gravel Maintenance Is Easier When You Have A Towed Gravel Leveling Grader

If you have a long gravel driveway on your property or a gravel parking lot for farm workers, you know how much work it is to maintain the gravel. You may hire someone to do it for you, but it's easy to do yourself with a towed gravel leveling grader.

Having your own grader allows you to keep up with gravel maintenance a couple of times a year to improve drainage, fill holes, and level the gravel. Here's how a towed gravel leveling grader works.

The Grader Can Be Pulled By An ATV Or Mower

When you shop for a towed gravel leveling grader, notice how it can be towed so you can make sure the vehicle you have can pull the grader. Some graders can be pulled by different vehicles, which makes them easy to use. A grader eliminates the need to fill holes in the gravel by hand. The grader does all the work for you as you slowly drive up and down your driveway pulling the grader behind your vehicle.

You'll Probably Need To Make Several Passes

Another thing to look for when buying a towed gravel leveling grader is the width of the grader. If you buy a wide grader, you can make fewer passes since the grader churns up a wider path each time. Even so, you'll want to go over the same area two or three times so you can loosen the gravel and move it around to fill in holes.

Some towed gravel leveling graders can be adjusted to churn up gravel at different depths. You might also put concrete blocks on the grader so the tines dig into the ground deeper when you want extra depth.

Leveling And Sloping Is The Final Step

Once you've churned up the gravel, your driveway may not be very level. This is fixed by lifting the tines and running the leveling bar across the concrete. The bar can be sloped so the center of the driveway is higher to create drainage.

Towed gravel leveling graders are made by different companies and have different features. Some operate by remote control so you can lift and lower the bar while you're on your ATV or lawn tractor. When you shop for a grader, be sure to compare features and understand how each piece of equipment works so the grader you choose makes gravel maintenance easier on you.

You may still need to have gravel delivered occasionally, but grading helps with that too since the tines dig out compressed gravel and bring it back to the surface. A grader can decompress gravel, fill holes, and level your driveway, so it's a useful attachment to own. 

For more information, contact a local company that sells towed gravel leveling graders