Top Reasons Why You Need a Stihl Leaf Blower

Are you tired of raking up leaves in the autumn? Do you wish that you could use a leaf blower but can't seem to justify the purchase price? It can initially seem a bit silly to purchase an item that has only one use during only a small portion of the year. Fortunately, you can do more with a leaf blower than simply blow leaves around. Some of these other uses include the following.

Snow cleanup: When you live in an area that gets snow, it can be annoying trying to deal with light and powdery snowfall. There isn't enough snow that it's worth shoveling, but the ground can still become slippery. Fortunately, Stihl blowers can handle this situation. While they won't work on heavy and damp snow, they can be the perfect way to deal with the powdery stuff. Simply dig out your leaf blower, aim at the powdery snow, and watch your driveway and walkways practically clear themselves. Depending on the type and amount of snow, this can also be a quick and easy way to clean off your car after a snowstorm. 

Car wash: Are you tired of washing your car in your driveway only to see it covered with the white speckles of water spots almost immediately after? You can hand-dry your car with towels, but that's time-consuming, and you're unlikely to finish before water spots start appearing. You could take your car to a commercial car wash, but those can be expensive. But in case you hadn't noticed, those places often solve the problem of water spots by blow-drying your car. This is something that Stihl blowers can also do. As soon as you're done washing your car, fire up your Stihl blower and dry off your car. This will result in few, if any, water spots.

Clothes-dryer cleaning: If you have a clothes dryer, you hopefully know how important it is to clean out the lint trap regularly. But even if you clean out the trap before every load, some lint can still make it through, building up inside of the dryer and potentially causing a fire hazard. If you look at the exhaust pipe of your dryer, you may even be able to see some little clumps of lint hanging on. Cleaning everything out manually could be a challenge, but using Stihl blowers makes this an easy chore. It can take a little time and effort to implement this method, but doing so can result in the removal of a surprisingly large amount of lint.

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